Brainy Jingle Bells

Posted on Fri 23 December 2016 in neuroscience • Tagged with python, open science, visualizations, brains, holidays

This is a quick demo of how I created this video. Check it out below, or read on to see the code that made it!

Coherence correlation

Posted on Wed 27 May 2015 in neuroscience • Tagged with python, programming, timeseries, correlation" width=50%>

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Coherence vs. Correlation - a simple simulationΒΆ

A big question that I've always wrestled with is the difference between correlation and coherence. Intuitively, I think of these two things as very similar to one another. Correlation is a way to determine the extent to which two variables covary (normalized to be between -1 and 1). Coherence is similar, but instead assesses "similarity" by looking at the similarity for two variables in frequency space, rather than time space.

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