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Direct financial support for MNE has been provided by the United States:

  • NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering 5R01EB009048 and P41EB015896 (Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies)
  • NSF awards 0958669 and 1042134.
  • NCRR P41RR14075-06 (Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies)
  • NIH 1R01EB009048-01, R01EB006385-A101, 1R01HD40712-A1, 1R01NS44319-01, 2R01NS37462-05
  • Department of Energy Award Number DE-FG02-99ER62764 (The MIND Institute)
  • Amazon Web Services - Research Grant issued to Denis A. Engemann

And France:

  • IDEX Paris-Saclay, ANR-11-IDEX-0003-02, via the Center for Data Science.
  • European Research Council Starting Grant ERC-YStG-263584 and ERC-YStG-676943
  • French National Research Agency ANR-14-NEUC-0002-01.

With support from the following institutions: