I'm a graduate researcher at UC Berkeley, and a fellow with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS).

In my neuroscience work, I study the way that the auditory cortex of the brain understands sounds. To do this, I build predictive models of brain activity. I use these models to understand what aspects of sound the brain "cares" about, and to understand how higher-levels of the brain can influence this process. At BIDS, I'm working on a number of projects to improve the way that scientists analyze, communicate, and share their data.

When I'm not analyzing data, I'm often communicating my love of science. I've been an editor and web director for the Berkeley Science Review magazine and blog for six years.

Note: This blog is a place for me to write down my thoughts about data analysis, neuroscience, research, etc. A lot of these will be uncooked ideas that are still evolving and changing, maybe in significant ways. I invite you to read, comment, question, and critique, but don't take anything written here as the final word on anything. -Chris

Here's a reasonably up-to-date CV: