Talks and presentations

Here's a collection of talks and workshops that I've given over the past few years

Zero to JupyterHub on Kubernetes

October 18, 2017

Talk, Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Berkeley, CA

A day-long tutorial covering the basics of managing cloud resources, Docker, Kubernetes, and deploying/maintaining a JupyterHub using these tools.

Visualizing the brain with open source tools

May 01, 2017

Talk, Plotcon, Oakland, California, USA

How open-source tools make it possible to visualize the human brain from many different perspectives. I discuss challenges in visualizing something as complicated as the brain, and cover many modern-day open source tools that make this possible, discussing the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

From your laptop to the cloud

March 01, 2012

Talk, eLife and the UK RSEs, Cambridge and London, United Kingdom

How open-source technologies such as Kubernetes and JupyterHub are making it possible to move analytics workflows from a single laptop to shared computational resources. This opens up possibilities in research, education, and publication. The talk discusses several of these pieces of technology, and covers many interesting case-studies in how it has been used.